«Tutanchamun» by by Jürgen Göser

Scarab, Royal sceptre and scourge and the famous death mask of the child king Tutankh-Amun made of 24 carats gold are decorating the top of the slide of this pistol. In addition to that there are images of Echnaton, Nofretete and the gods Osiris, Isis, Horuns and Anubis on this masterpiece. The grip plates were made of ivory, showing the “Eye of Horus“.

«Alexander» and «SIG Zeus» by Peter Ewald.

Integrated in ornaments of the old Greece the godfather Zeus sitting on his throne is decorating this pistol. The sides of the frame show the popular fist of the godfather with gold plated flashes. The walnut root grip plates show original coins from the ancient Greece with the face of Zeus, around 2300 years old.

«The Samurai» by Ralph Salzmann

Formed like the armour of an ancient Samurai warrior, this pistol keeps up the spirit of the old, famous warrior’s caste. The hand-crafted dragonhead of massive silver on the top of the slide mediates an impression of the artificial handcraft of the old japanese swordsmiths.

«The Tomahawk» by Jürgen Göser.

An Indian Tomahawk and the image of an Indian warrior on the top of the slide and numerous symbols and weapons decorate this beautiful X-Five. Grip plates of north American maple wood with original flintstone arrowheads complete this unique piece of art.

«The Siegfried» by Peter Ewald.

In support of the Nibelungs fairytale this pistol was engraved with ornaments of the Burgundy epoch, dragon images and the most important acts from the story of Siegfried. The grip plates were made of nordic beech wood with handcrafted silver brooches, showing a dragon image.

«The Scorpion» by Helmut Schink

Small but dangerous: The X-Five Scorpion shows various images oft the toxic desert scorpion.

«The Tyr» by Wolfgang Woizekowski

Another example of SIG Sauers series of nordic gods: Tyr, the god of fight and victory, who lost a hand when he was trying to strip the power of the wolf god Fenryr with a trick. Viking images, nordic ornaments and birch wood grip plates with a handcrafted silver coin with German ornaments are decorating this wonderful collector’s item.